Take a Gander at the Renegade

If you are paying attention on the roads around Olivia, MN, you must have noticed the overhaul of the classic Jeep Cherokee. The facelift is functional, as all new changes being rolled out seem to be, as the improved aerodynamic performance of the vehicle result in better fuel efficiency than ever before. A new change is on its way for the upcoming year, and this one will also create some stir due to its new look. This is the Jeep Renegade.

The overall look is bold, and the styling is aggressive, which is enough to overlook the size overall, which is actually quite compact. This is the first member of the Jeep family to go seamlessly from parking around the block to climbing the red rocks. Opt for the glass roof, and wherever you go it will seem like a vacation in the best way.

Stay tuned to our blog at Olivia Chrysler Center for more information about this Renegade.

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