Pile into this 1983 Jeep station wagon for a trip down memory lane

It's Thursday somewhere ... right?

We're jumping the gun on this week's Throwback Thursday by going off-roading to memory lane with the Jeep brand and its all-terrain luxury wagon, the 1983 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Limited. It was a dressed-up version of the classic vanilla Wagoneer, adding deliciously dated extra-thick carpeting, leather-trimmed seats and the quintessential wood appliques of the stereotypical yet beloved station wagon.

It was everything you'd want to take off the grid to your private cabin for a winter getaway. With an AMC V8 engine and 4-wheel-drive capability, the Wagoneer Limited was an off-road adventurer that you could take to the ski resort and the country club.

Talk about backseat passengers suffering -- look at those hairstyles:

Shaggy-carpet luxury and weird-4WD-lever capability are, thankfully, translated a little differently for the 21st-century driver. See how far the Jeep off-road lineup has come by test driving any of our available 2014 and 2015 models, here at Olivia Chrysler Center in Olivia, MN.

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