The Dodge Dart is a Nice and Refreshing Look

One of the many things we here at our Olivia, MN dealership love about the new 2015 Dodge Dart is how its simple and subtle design doesn't scream for attention, but still looks pretty darn good. And if you're behind the wheel of this class-leading small sedan, you don't need a whole lot else to turn people's heads. Especially not a spray tan. Press play to see more.

You heard Richard Rawlings and his monkey partner in the interrogation room. Getting a spray tan is embarrassing no matter what, but when you're driving the new Dart, you don't need to waste your money on such a silly thing. But you should come over soon and find out how the new Dart can get you around in style and with convenience.

Hurry over to Olivia Chrysler Center today to find out more about the stunning new Dodge Dart.

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